Developing better web-based solutions for your business.

The web-based services you need, without the infrastructure costs.

Prodigi offers a range of web-based IT services, ranging from developing specific web-based implementations to solve business problems to high complexity DevOps implementations and even through to more conventional client-facing websites and web hosting.

We work primarily with WordPress and Laravel as the base for our WebOps work, but depending on your requirements as a business, we will develop a solution that is designed specifically to meet your needs. For DevOps, we can provide you with the option of utilizing our hosting platforms or we can develop your environment on any other public or private cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc).

Unlike many traditional IT companies, our development skills enable us to offer a broader range of bespoke solutions to our clients, rather than relying on standardised platforms and SaaS products.

Smarter and more efficient DevOps/WebOps

From server infrastructure and cloud applications to monitoring, security and integration, we help you find smarter, more efficient ways of working. And then we help you implement them.

We’ll work directly with your developers on your servers, our servers, or the cloud. Because we’re developers ourselves, we understand both sides of the operation, and can provide in-depth advice on scaling and architecture to match the growth of your business.

An array of web-based Development Solutions

There’s no job too big, nor too small, from our development team. Over the years we’ve worked on software solutions designed to be used by two people, software solutions designed to be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands, and everything in between.

Test-driven methodologies ensure every application we work on consistently functions at peak capacity, while automated CI pipelines test every commit automatically, saving hours of work on testing and QA.

While Laravel is our primary framework we have just as much experience on WordPress. We also have in-house skills across Bash, Perl, Python, C# and Go, as well as SQL for all of your reporting needs.

WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

Whether your Wordpress site attracts a thousand visitors a month, or hundreds of thousands a day, we can take care of it for you!

Our team can handle all of your hosting needs, providing 24/7 support in whatever part of the world, and whatever time zone you and your business are operating in. And because we don’t use external contractors, you’ll always be able to speak directly to the people managing your website – people who understand your site and can provide real answers and practical solutions when you need them most.

To find out more about the WordPress website hosting and maintenance services we provide for our clients, take a few minutes to listen to Cliff Ravenscraft talk about his business and how Prodigi has provided hosting and support for his suite of WordPress sites.

    Core Services

  • Automation Management (Ansible, Terrafrom, etc.)
  • Cloud/Hosting advice
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Design/Implementation of new environments
  • Development (including integrating your applications with servers/cloud services)
  • Infrastructure as Code (including auto-scaling solutions)
  • Security Management and Monitoring
  • Server Infrastructure Management


  • AWS, Google, Azure, DigitalOcean, Vultr and more.
  • Confluence, JIRA and more.
  • Envoyer and Octopus Deploy
  • Git and SVN
  • KVM, Xen, VMware, Docker and more.
  • Linux (Apache, Nginx) and Windows (IIS)
  • MySQL (and variants), PostgreSQL and MSSQL.
  • NoSQL (Redis and MongoDB)
  • PHP (Laravel, Wordpress), Python, NodeJS and Go.
    Terraform, Ansible, Puppet and more.


What our customers say

"Since switching to Prodigi, my sites are faster and I have the peace of mind knowing that my sites are being monitored in case they go down. Dan and his team have saved me more times than I can count. Just yesterday, an automated update caused my site to shut down at 1 am. Dan caught it right away, before I noticed, and got the site back up and running before I woke up and before it interrupted any of my customers. Not only has Dan and Prodigi given me the peace of mind that my customers will never experience a service interruption, but they've also improved overall site performance, and are always willing to provide advice whenever I have a web-related question."

Jake Lang

The Entrepreneur ride along

"Dan and Prodigi were recommended to us at a time when our website infrastructure was suffering from constant crashes and was unable to deal with increased web traffic. Dan quickly overhauled our infrastructure and development environments in 2014, optimising and streamlining our systems as well as helping us plan for the future. Since then, Dan has proven himself time-and-time again to be dependable, thorough and is a wealth of knowledge. We couldn’t have grown as quickly as we have without him on our side and are looking forward to working with the team into 2020. "

Matthew O'Toole

Cool australia