We'll manage your IT,
so you can manage your business.

An extension of your team.

Acting as an extension of your team, we can step in when your IT experts are busy, stuck, or simply want to bounce ideas. We can even act as your virtual CIO if you don’t have in-house capabilities, reporting directly to the CFO or CEO.

Our agile approach helps us deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. We can help you develop in-house processes and procedures and can provide technical input and project management for internal projects, all the while managing any external projects we may be working on with you.

To find out more about the range of Managed IT services we provide for our clients, take a few minutes to listen to John Driver from VetNZ talk about their business and how Prodigi works with his in-house IT team.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Management

We’ll help strengthen, streamline and enhance your standard WAN, with advanced routers and firewalls designed to meet your specific needs while also reducing your operating costs.

We can take your standard WAN and add extra features (like local internet) to support cloud services, and can provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity via numerous access mediums.

Our team can base these solutions wherever you need them – in local databases, offshore centres, or the middle of nowhere!

Networking Solutions

From offices, factories, and worksites to planes, trains, automobiles, and boats, we can provide reliable networking solutions wherever you’re based!

Our specialists can handle everything from internal networks (including racks, switching, routers, access points, phones, etc) to datacentre networks (racks, switching, routes, PDUs and more).

We can also establish reliable and secure home networks for WFH remote workers, including always-on VPN access to your office network or WAN, separated from the home network.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure as a service.
We can establish servers hosted for you in datacentres around the world, with limitless possibilities for configuration, resources and performance.

Infrastructure in the datacentre or office.
We’ll supply everything from the servers and the storage to the software to run on top of them.

Internet & Webhosting

Reliable high-speed access.
From the heart of the city to the middle of the countryside, we’ll deliver reliable, high-speed internet access with more options for redundancy than you can shake a stick at!

    Core Services

  • Automation Management (Ansible, Terrafrom, etc.)
  • Cloud/Hosting advice
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Design/Implementation of new environments
  • Development (including integrating your applications with servers/cloud services)
  • Infrastructure as Code (including auto-scaling solutions)
  • Security Management and Monitoring
  • Server Infrastructure Management


  • AWS, Google, Azure, DigitalOcean, Vultr and more.
  • Confluence, JIRA and more.
  • Envoyer and Octopus Deploy
  • Git and SVN
  • KVM, Xen, VMware, Docker and more.
  • Linux (Apache, Nginx) and Windows (IIS)
  • MySQL (and variants), PostgreSQL and MSSQL.
  • NoSQL (Redis and MongoDB)
  • PHP (Laravel, Wordpress), Python, NodeJS and Go.
    Terraform, Ansible, Puppet and more.


What our customers say

"Since switching to Prodigi, my sites are faster and I have the peace of mind knowing that my sites are being monitored in case they go down. Dan and his team have saved me more times than I can count. Just yesterday, an automated update caused my site to shut down at 1 am. Dan caught it right away, before I noticed, and got the site back up and running before I woke up and before it interrupted any of my customers. Not only has Dan and Prodigi given me the peace of mind that my customers will never experience a service interruption, but they've also improved overall site performance, and are always willing to provide advice whenever I have a web-related question."

Jake Lang

The Entrepreneur ride along

"Dan was recommended to me by an NZ Blogger - and what a recommendation it was! Dan has made the overwhelming process of setting up a website troublefree and straightforward. Making the switch to the NZ based Prodigi has undoubtedly given me peace of mind. There are no hidden costs, and with a highly responsive, friendly and reliable service it is fair to say I’m a happy customer! There have been many times I have had trouble with my website, and I have heard back from Dan within a matter of minutes. I highly recommend the service Prodigi offers and couldn’t be more impressed."

Bridget Paddon

Goal Diggers NZ