Are you looking for extra resource for your inhouse IT team?

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Need some more people power but can’t commit to a full new role? Or are there some specialist skills you need that are outside the skillset of your inhouse team?

Prodigi specialises in working as a virtual team member or on call specialist resource for inhouse IT teams around New Zealand.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can fit into your requirements – and what the costs are. We work on a monthly retainer/block of time model which is flexible to fit the needs of your business.


We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses over the years, from startups in their early stages who need comprehensive support, through to established businesses with 200+ staff who call on our specialist expertise for specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on being the ‘go to’ for any aspect of IT, from security audits and implementation, networking, hardware setups, WANs, DevOps and WebOps, WordPress dev and hosting and a lot more. Basically, if your business needs tech support, we are ready to respond.

Our clients have been with us for years and they appreciate our flexibility and responsiveness perhaps above all else.

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If you need an additional IT resource, or an IT partner for your growing business, get in touch and see how we can work alongside you to support your business goals.

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VetNZ is a group of New Zealand veterinary practices based in Invercargill, Westland and Morrinsville, employing 250 staff across two main practice areas.

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We’re an IT services provider that covers most areas of business IT. We work alongside our customer’s own technical staff assisting them with complex work or when they are too busy.

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