Canvas Factory

Canvas Factory is a 100% online based b2c printing business.

They have ecommerce storefronts in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, UK, Canada and Singapore providing a comprehensive range of printing services, including metal wall art, acrylic photo prints or canvas prints.

Customers can upload images from their computer, social media profiles, or choose from a large gallery of free to use photos.

We talked to Canvas Factory founder and managing director Tim Daley about how his operation works and the services provided by Prodigi over the years.

How do you use IT within the organisation?

"IT is critical in our organisation because without a functioning website, we are unable to make sales which of course is the core of our online business. Having a number of international storefronts makes it essential that our sites are reliable and that our customers feel confident ordering products online with us."

Did you have any specific IT challenges before you started working with Prodigi?

"Scalability was probably the biggest challenge.

"Our products are very seasonal which means we have a lot of site traffic in the lead up to Christmas. As a result, our IT infrastructure needs to scale up and remain reliable in this time. Prodigi have been exceptional in being able to provide advice and an effective solution to manage this."

“We started working with Prodigi nearly three years ago. Prodigi started by providing us with DevOps services and it became clear quite quickly that they were very good operators in this field,” Tim says.

“Our confidence in Prodigi grew quickly and they are now providing us with a full hosting and DevOps solution.”

What would you consider the main advantages of working with Prodigi?

"One of the biggest advantages for us has been the super quick attention to bugs or server issues. Within minutes (and many times without us even knowing) they are able to detect, diagnose and resolve any server issues."

"24/7 operation is critical to our business and Prodigi have proven time and time again how well they are aligned with our business objectives."

What our customers say

"Dan was recommended to me by an NZ Blogger - and what a recommendation it was! Dan has made the overwhelming process of setting up a website troublefree and straightforward. Making the switch to the NZ based Prodigi has undoubtedly given me peace of mind. There are no hidden costs, and with a highly responsive, friendly and reliable service it is fair to say I’m a happy customer! There have been many times I have had trouble with my website, and I have heard back from Dan within a matter of minutes. I highly recommend the service Prodigi offers and couldn’t be more impressed."

Bridget Paddon

Goal Diggers NZ

"I launched my online business not feeling confident about managing our server. Luckily, the team at Prodigi helped secure my server and set up backups and monitoring. Now I can sleep easy at night knowing that my customers’ data is safe and secure. They always respond to my requests in a speedy manner, and it’s always a pleasure working with them."

Indy Griffiths