VetNZ Case Study

Introducing VetNZ

VetNZ is a group of New Zealand veterinary practices based in Invercargill, Westland and Morrinsville. The combined practices employ 250 staff across two main practice areas: small animal and large animal, dealing with domestic pets in their clinics, and large animals on farm with mobile vets.

John Driver is the head of information services for the VetNZ group, managing a team of six IT staff who deliver a range of services to the clinics and the team of mobile vets including project management, training and data.

What role does Prodigi play in the business?

For the last two years, Prodigi has been working with John and his team to provide specialist support around upgrading and modernising the group’s WAN architecture, moving towards prioritising web-based services over server based. This work was part of a company wide digital transformation process the group has been going through for the last 4-5 years.

Prodigi helped to design and implement the new WAN architecture, mostly providing services remotely but working onsite as required. Prodigi were also involved in a project to transition VetNZ to a new infrastructure as a service provider.

“We were with a large IaaS provider, and had been that way for a number of years. We worked with Prodigi to find a better fit infrastructure solution. We went through a significant project with WAN and then Infrastructure as a Service. Both of those projects involved a change of provider, and Prodigi was the winning provider,” John said.

How has Prodigi supported VetNZ’s business goals?

“We set our business goals for different sections of the business, and Prodigi sat alongside the Technology workstream. We shared a lot of information around our overall business plan and the workstreams that support that plan. Prodigi have almost been part of our in-house team in that way.

According to John, one of the things that really works with the Prodigi relationship is that it is always a conversation that involves the business need first, rather than focusing on the technology first.

What is different about working with Prodigi compared to other IT vendors?

John says one of the things he appreciates most about working with Prodigi is the level of flexibility to fit within the company’s business objectives, and not want to take all aspects of their IT support.

“That was where the gold was with Prodigi – we had previously struggled to find that balance of the stuff we were wanting to manage in-house with outsourcing. The other providers we worked with tended to want to grab everything. We found a much better balance with Prodigi.”

“The experience with Prodigi has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve seen tangible benefits from a cost perspective and from a service perspective. The service solution we have with Prodigi for infrastructure is much more flexible than what we have had previously, so it can flex as we grow or shrink some of that legacy infrastructure.”

John says they have a great relationship with Prodigi’s CEO Dan and the team, and Dan regularly joins remote team meetings to contribute his expertise as needed, providing specialist advice on a range of topics.


What our customers say

"I launched my online business not feeling confident about managing our server. Luckily, the team at Prodigi helped secure my server and set up backups and monitoring. Now I can sleep easy at night knowing that my customers’ data is safe and secure. They always respond to my requests in a speedy manner, and it’s always a pleasure working with them."

Indy Griffths


"Dan and Prodigi were recommended to us at a time when our website infrastructure was suffering from constant crashes and was unable to deal with increased web traffic. Dan quickly overhauled our infrastructure and development environments in 2014, optimising and streamlining our systems as well as helping us plan for the future. Since then, Dan has proven himself time-and-time again to be dependable, thorough and is a wealth of knowledge. We couldn’t have grown as quickly as we have without him on our side and are looking forward to working with the team into 2020. "

Matthew O'Toole

Cool Australia