Cool Australia

Cool Australia provides a comprehensive online portfolio of learning activities and resources based on educational best practices to educators at no cost.

Through these resources the company enables teachers to become catalysts for change, to empower their students to be able to identify and solve world issues.

We talked to Leah Coghlan from Cool Australia about the organisation and how they have worked with Prodigi over the years.

Tell us about Cool Australia
Cool Australia was launched in August 2008 following inspiration from our Managing Director Jason’s expedition to Antarctica where he received a new view on the impact of humans on our world. Cool Australia employs seven staff mostly based in Melbourne, Australia.

The educational materials we produce inspire and deeply engage students assisting them to reach their potential and be more involved in their education.

How do you use IT within your organisation?
Our website is our product so IT is critical to what we do. Without our website we would not be able to deliver our service and educational resources to educators.

Did you have any specific IT challenges before you started working with Prodigi?
Prodigi was recommended to us by a developer at a time when our website infrastructure was suffering from constant crashes and was unable to deal with increased web traffic. Dan quickly overhauled our infrastructure and development environments, optimising and streamlining our systems as well as helping us plan for the future.

How long have you been working with Prodigi and what are the main services they provide for the business?
Since we started working with him in 2014, Dan has proven time-and-time again to be dependable, thorough and a wealth of knowledge with all things IT and we couldn't have grown as quickly as we have without him on our side.

Dan and the Prodigi team have provided our hosting and DevOps since 2014 and also handled all of our website development (WordPress, Laravel, SQL) and data reporting needs since the start of 2018.

How has Prodigi supported your business goals/growth?
Prodigi has constantly monitored and managed our infrastructure to ensure that we were always ready to handle our growth.

They have also suggested and developed website features to assist our growing user base with using our content.

What would you consider the main advantages of working with Prodigi?
The Prodigi team works as part of our internal team and are readily available to answer any questions and do any work that we need done. They act as an extension of the Cool Australia Digital team making it a seamless experience.

Dan and the Prodigi team have been incredibly supportive, and go above and beyond to ensure operational excellence. We are a very dynamic team working in a space where agility is important, the team at Prodigi are a pleasure to work with and are always open to a new challenge and improving performance.


What our customers say

"Since switching to Prodigi, my sites are faster and I have the peace of mind knowing that my sites are being monitored in case they go down. Dan and his team have saved me more times than I can count. Just yesterday, an automated update caused my site to shut down at 1 am. Dan caught it right away, before I noticed, and got the site back up and running before I woke up and before it interrupted any of my customers. Not only has Dan and Prodigi given me the peace of mind that my customers will never experience a service interruption, but they've also improved overall site performance, and are always willing to provide advice whenever I have a web-related question."

Jake Lang

The Entrepreneur ride along

"I launched my online business not feeling confident about managing our server. Luckily, the team at Prodigi helped secure my server and set up backups and monitoring. Now I can sleep easy at night knowing that my customers’ data is safe and secure. They always respond to my requests in a speedy manner, and it’s always a pleasure working with them."

Indy Griffiths