Running an IT Business from New Zealand in a Covid 19 World

By: Dan Faulknor, Published: November 16th, 2020

What does Prodigi do as a business?

We’re an IT services provider that covers most areas of business IT. We work alongside our customer’s own technical staff assisting them with complex work or when they are too busy.

Generally we handle high level server tasks as opposed to user level support. For our web/devops customers, we manage their servers for their websites while they generally have their own internal IT team for their office needs.

Where are you based?

All over the place. I’m down in Invercargill, Mike is in Dunedin and Isabella is in Christchurch. Our servers are in Auckland, Sydney and Kansas. We can mostly work with anyone, anywhere in the world as long as the timezones are convenient for both sides.

Where are your clients based?

Mostly New Zealand and Australia, with a few from the US and Europe as well. In New Zealand we have customers based up and down the country from Invercargill to Auckland.

How have you found your business impacted by the global Covid pandemic?

A number of our customers struggled to pay their bills during lockdowns so we wrote off or deferred those bills resulting in a big drop in revenue across that time. We have also noticed that customers are preferring to “support local” which has resulted in some loss of business.

Have you found that your style of working is particularly suited to a Covid environment?\

We all work from home, and always have, so we were already prepared for lockdowns. It was just business as usual for us from that perspective.

What changes or lessons have you learned in 2020 about how you are running your IT business?

When something unexpected happens (like COVID-19), you need to be ready to pivot at a moments notice in your business. I spent the day before Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand rushing around to various customers getting things in place for them, as we were still uncertain about what we would be able to purchase during Level 4.

Have you found any opportunities to add more services or do anything differently to adjust to the needs of your clients?

There has been a lot more interest in tools for working from home along with a focus on enabling a mobile workforce with all the challenges that come from supporting users outside of their office.

Challenges with security and firewalls seem to be an issue for some companies while their staff are working from home and on their own devices. Have you found that something that needed to be addressed for your clients?

Because we work remotely ourselves, all of our clients systems are mostly set up for remote working already. In cases where it was needed we were able to rapidly deploy WAN connections to the homes of some of our clients IT team members within the couple of days between the announcement and the Level 4 lockdown.

Is it fair to say that you often become a virtual or defacto team member for a lot of your clients?

Absolutely. We use Slack to communicate with our business clients which means we are generally “always available” for questions.

If you want to discuss working with Dan and the Prodigi team to support your inhouse IT resource, or to provide any of our full range of IT services get in touch and see how we can assist.

What our customers say

"Dan and Prodigi have been invaluable to our team at Designer Wardrobe. They are always available whenever our site is having issues. They spend the time to understand our website and its somewhat complicated requirements. In situations where we do need to upgrade our tools, Dan has extensive knowledge and can find the best tool for the job. All of this is achieved while being mindful of budgets - the team have the uncanny ability to get the very most out of our existing products!"

Jarrad Salmon

Designer Wardrobe

"Dan was recommended to me by an NZ Blogger - and what a recommendation it was! Dan has made the overwhelming process of setting up a website troublefree and straightforward. Making the switch to the NZ based Prodigi has undoubtedly given me peace of mind. There are no hidden costs, and with a highly responsive, friendly and reliable service it is fair to say I’m a happy customer! There have been many times I have had trouble with my website, and I have heard back from Dan within a matter of minutes. I highly recommend the service Prodigi offers and couldn’t be more impressed."

Bridget Paddon

Goal Diggers NZ