Flipping the hiring process on its head

By: Dan Faulknor, Published: February 22nd, 2020

That's right, Prodigi is looking for its next team member, but there's a catch. There's no position available. What is available though is a plan to hire someone around July of this year (2020) so keep reading! (Update August 2020: COVID-19 has unfortunately delayed plans! We're still keen to chat with anyone who finds this interesting, however)

There's no position description, yet. I'm looking for people first. People who can pick up new technologies on the fly and people that aren't afraid to get their hands dirty with those new technologies to support our customers. I know well that every person that works in IT has their specific skills, and those would need to match up with some things we (Prodigi) do (or want to do). The innate ability to pick up technology is something different, however, and you either have it, or you don't. I'm looking for those that do have it!

We're all remote workers, but preference would go to those living in or near Auckland for easier access to the datacentre compared with those of us that live in the South Island.

You can have a browse of our website here to get a better understanding for what we do, but also check out the scoop below.

Here's what I do know:

  • You'll work from home doing hours that suit you. (hours like 7am - 3pm, 2pm to 10pm or even 10am to 2pm + 6pm to 10pm are options!)
  • We use Slack and Zoom to keep in touch as much or as little as is required
  • You'll work with both Linux and Windows and if you're so inclined, our Arista switches.
  • We have our own ASN and IP ranges
  • We use Ansible, a lot
  • Our customers are spread across New Zealand, Australia and the US
  • The work we do is varied. We specialise in "web stuff" but also do business IT (including Internet/WAN and HA IaaS). The company got its start with WordPress, so there's still a smattering of that as well
  • On-call entails 2-3 calls a month (across everyone) if you're unlucky. How often you're on call is up for discussion
  • There is some after hours work. It's fairly minimal and you get a sleep in the next morning.
  • We use timesheets (sorry), but all work is tracked on Trello cards and your time entry happens there too!

What I don't know:

  • Exactly what technologies you'd work with
  • Which customers you'd work on
  • What responsibilities you'd have both internally and externally
  • If you would interact with customers or just have work assigned to you
  • If this is an entry-level position or a more senior one
  • The salary/benefits (see the previous point)
  • Your start date.

If this sounds interesting to you, drop me an email (dan@prodigi.nz), and we can chat! There's no obligation, pressure or hurry. I'm happy to take the time to make sure the fit is just right for everyone involved!

What our customers say

"I launched my online business not feeling confident about managing our server. Luckily, the team at Prodigi helped secure my server and set up backups and monitoring. Now I can sleep easy at night knowing that my customers’ data is safe and secure. They always respond to my requests in a speedy manner, and it’s always a pleasure working with them."

Indy Griffiths


"The last few years have been excellent for my website; my traffic has increased tenfold! I know right - happy days. But with more traffic comes more hosting requirements and sometimes more headaches. Dan and the team at Prodigi have been right there with me every step of the way. They tailor options to suit my needs, keep my site fast but affordable and politely answering my idiot tech questions. I could not recommend Prodigi any more highly. Excellent service, exceptional communication and no more headaches! As a blogger, I could not be happier with the service I have received. "

Stacey Kemeys

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