Section 122T(4) of the Copyright Act (“the Act”) Compliance Note
In accordance with section 122T(4) of the Copyright Act ("the Act") Prodigi Technology Services Limited (Prodigi) confirms that it has complied with section 122T of the Act for the previous year. In particular Prodigi has:

In accordance with section 122T(1) has retained, for a minimum of 40 days, information on the allocation of IP addresses to each account holder;

In accordance with section 122T(2) has retained for a minimum of 12 months the following information:

  • All information about infringements that was sent by rights owners to Prodigi for the purpose of matching infringements to account holders (none received); and
  • All infringement notices issues to account holders (none sent); and
  • All challenges to infringement notices and all responds to them (none) and
  • Information on cancelled and expired infringement notices (none).

In accordance with section 122T(3) Prodigi confirms that it has not released the name or contact details of an account holder unless authorised to do so by the Account Holder and/or the Copyright Tribunal.

Core Services

  • Automation Management (Ansible, Terraform etc)

  • Cloud/Hosting advice

  • Continuous Integration/Delivery

  • Design/Implementation of new environments

  • Development (including integrating your applications with servers/cloud services)

  • Infrastructure as Code (including auto-scaling solutions)

  • Security Management and Monitoring

  • Server Infrastructure Management


  • AWS, Google, Azure, DigitalOcean, Vultr and more.

  • Confluence, JIRA and more.

  • Envoyer and Octopus Deploy

  • Git and SVN

  • KVM, Xen, VMware, Docker and more.

  • Linux (Apache, Nginx) and Windows (IIS)

  • MySQL (and variants), PostgreSQL and MSSQL.

  • NoSQL (Redis and MongoDB)

  • PHP (Laravel, Wordpress), Python, NodeJS and Go.

  • Terraform, Ansible, Puppet and more.

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What our customers say

"Dan was recommended to me by an NZ Blogger - and what a recommendation it was! Dan has made the overwhelming process of setting up a website troublefree and straightforward. Making the switch to the NZ based Prodigi has undoubtedly given me peace of mind. There are no hidden costs, and with a highly responsive, friendly and reliable service it is fair to say I’m a happy customer! There have been many times I have had trouble with my website, and I have heard back from Dan within a matter of minutes. I highly recommend the service Prodigi offers and couldn’t be more impressed."

Bridget Paddon

Goal Diggers NZ

"Dan and Prodigi have been invaluable to our team at Designer Wardrobe. They are always available whenever our site is having issues. They spend the time to understand our website and its somewhat complicated requirements. In situations where we do need to upgrade our tools, Dan has extensive knowledge and can find the best tool for the job. All of this is achieved while being mindful of budgets - the team have the uncanny ability to get the very most out of our existing products!"

Jarrad Salmon

Designer Wardrobe